Advanced Data and power Electrical NEtwork Architectures and Systems

Follow the progress of the ADENEAS project! Here is the list of major technical miletones planned during the project and their completion.

M01 = February 2021

Mil. N°Milestone nameWP(s)DateObjectiveAchieved
MS1Requirements and system specifications reviewWP1M03 (April 2021)To provide qualitative and quantitative targets covering the aircraft size range to guide the technology enablers to be developed – Requirements document.
MS2First version ultra-reliable wireless communication techniquesWP2M14 (March 2022)To explore, define and select promising techniques based upon assessment of their added value to reliability enhancement beyond current state of art.No
MS3Final version ultra-reliable wireless communication techniquesWP2M30 (July 2023)Selected promising techniques matured to the appropriate level supported by assessment of reliability enhancement beyond current state of art achieved.No
MS4Scalable and robust PLC protocol design completedWP3M20 (Sept. 2022)To develop and adjust communication protocol in support of enhancement PLC robustness.No
MS5Scalable and robust PLC modem prototypesWP3M24 (Jan. 2023)To demonstrate and verify robustness enhancement developed.No
MS6Final reports review: scalable and robust PLCWP3M34 (Nov. 2023)Evaluation of PLC robustness enhancement beyond current state of art.No
MS7Nano-grid Laboratory DemonstrationWP4M14 (March 2022)Basic functional verification of Nano-Grid technology developed.No
MS8Cabin Power Hardware Nano-Grid IntegrationWP4M30 (July 2023)Performance and functional verification of of Nano-Grid technology integrated into a cabin power system.No
MS9Powers System Design Space Tool DemonstrationWP6M18 (July 2022)Demonstration and verification feasible optimization that of power system design tool and method can offer.No
MS10Power District ARPDM Design Space Tool DemonstrationWP6M30 (July 2023)Demonstration and verification feasible optimization that of power system design tool and method can offer.No
MS11Architectural Design; Cooling systemWP5M12 (Jan. 2022)Reference to cooling system detailed design and interfacing to hosted system.No
MS12Ground-Based Demonstrator: Power/Data Integrated DemonstratorWP7M36 (Jan. 2024)Demonstration and verification of the project outcome against project objectives and target.No
MS13Detailed Design; Cooling System DemonstratorWP5M18 (July 2022)Detailed definition of the demonstrator to be build and demonstrator.No
MS14Test Readiness Review; Cooling System DemonstratorWP5M24 (Jan. 2023)Functional and safety assessment of the Cooling System Demonstrator.No
MS15Test Results Review: Cooling System DemonstratorWP5M30 (July 2023)Evaluation of the cooling system performance in a representative environment.No
MS16Final Reports Review:

Cooling System (internal)
WP5M34 (Nov. 2023)Evaluation of Coling System benefits achieved compared to current state of art.No
MS17Test plan review for GBD and flying demonstratorsWP7M24 (Jan. 2023)Definition of verification tests for GBD and flying demonstrators test to be performed.No